Efficiency maps present the regional distribution of efficiency practices that businesses prioritize across Turkey. Clicking the following buttons to check the regional distribution of the related practice on the map.

  • Efficiency Measure
  • Waste Mitigation Measures
  • Material Saving Measures
  • Maintenance and Repair Measures
  • Efficiency Management Level of Businesses
  • Electricity Consumption Per Capita
  • GDP per Capita in 2021
  • Gross Value Added in 2021

The map above shows the numerical data ranges of the 1,249 businesses participated in the survey sample that achieve material saving vs. regional distributions, from light color to dark color. (light color: the number of businesses taking material saving measures is low - dark color: the number of businesses taking material saving measures is high)

The following chart presents the numerical distribution of the answers provided by the businesses to the question "Do you achieve material saving in efficiency practices?" as per the regions they operate in the map survey sample. (light color: I am not taking any material saving measures - dark color: I am taking material saving measures)

Material Saving Measures Taking Material Saving Measures Not Taking
Mediterranean Region 140 1
Southeast Anatolia Region 99 47
Aegean Region 176 6
East Anatolia Region 21 0
Black Sea Region 97 11
Central Anatolia Region 137 35
Marmara Region 468 11