Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ‘A Better Future Platform’?

A Better Future Platform was established in line with the vision of Enerjisa to contribute for a smarter and greener world, and also in collaboration with TBWA\Istanbul and under the consultancy of IDEMA. The goal of the platform is to develop long-term projects focused on efficiency for “a better future for all” by adopting the impact-oriented sustainability approach of Enerjisa.

What are the Goals of the Platform?

The activities of the platform have the initial goal of creating an infrastructure for the regions, industries, institutions and companies in our country to implement efficiency improving practices. Furthermore, the purpose is to expand efficiency improving practices in all segments of society via 360-degree communication activities.

Which Activities Are Carried Out Under The Platform?

As part of the activities carried out under the platform, initially, a survey was conducted regarding the perceptions and assumptions of businesses in terms of efficiency in our country and their positions in terms of efficiency improving practices. Considering the report, which includes survey findings, an efficiency map was developed for Turkey. An Advisory Board consisting of expert institutions and individuals was established to guide the new projects and the activities carried out as part of the project.

What are the Activities of the Platform to be Carried Out in the Following Period?

Preparations are ongoing for an online 'efficiency scorecard’, which can be used by the businesses to measure their efficiency performances on the platform, and training programs that they can attend free of charge to increase their performances accordingly. These activities are expected to be implemented in the following period. Moreover, the platform has the goal to organize efficiency-oriented 'regional workshops', during which industrial/regional solution proposals will be discussed, and to bring representatives of various regions and industries of our country together.

Which Institutions and Persons Are Included in the Advisory Board of the Platform?

The Advisory Board of the platform consists of institutions and individuals, who are experts in efficiency and sustainability. The Advisory Board holds regular meetings with various working groups and guides new projects to be carried out under the platform. Click for the list of institutions and individuals included in the Board.

I want to share my comments and suggestions about the platform / support the activities of the platform. How Can I Contact You?

Please fill out the contact form for your comments and suggestions regarding the platform.