Our Manifest for the ‘A Better Future Platform’

We Dream A Better Future For All!

We set our path for a long journey with the vision of a sustainable, equal, smart and green world... Because we are aware that the choices we make and the actions we take today will shape the world inherited by future generations. We, at Enerjisa, put all our experiences and efforts, and assume responsibility to leave a better future for the children and youth of our country.

Let's take steps on our path together on the ‘A Better Future Platform’. Let's leave a better world to future generations with a shared vision and determination to realize the dream of a better future.

A Better Future Platform

We, at Enerjisa, are taking the first steps for a long-term platform focused on efficiency for a better future for all, in collaboration with IDEMA and TBWA\Istanbul.

As part of the activities to be carried out by the platform, initially, we are conducting a survey on the perceptions and assumptions of businesses in terms of efficiency in our country and their positions in terms of efficiency improving practices. The purpose of the survey is to create an efficiency map of our country and to provide a reference for new studies to be carried out. We will report the activities we carry out to an Advisory Board consisting of expert institutions and individuals in order to guide the practices to be carried out as part of the project.

As a result of these activities, we have the goal to create an infrastructure for the regions, industries, institutions and companies in our country to implement efficiency improving practices. Furthermore, our purpose is to expand efficiency improving practices in all segments of society via 360-degree communication activities.

  • Enerjisa Enerji, which pioneers the energy transformation in Turkey by using the multiplier effect of sustainability and technology in line with its vision of ‘A better future for all’, provides service to 25 percent of Turkey in electricity distribution and retail, which are the main fields of activity of the company. Being the prominent player in the industry, our company reaches 10.3 million customers in 14 provinces and provides electricity distribution services to more than 21 million users. Furthermore, while Enerjisa Enerji offers renewable energy, efficiency and green energy solutions to its customers via its Energy of My Business brand, the company also operates the first and fastest charging station network in Turkey with Eşarj, the company of which Enerjisa owns majority of its shares.

  • TBWA\Istanbul is a global creative collective that gathers more than 11000 people via its 305 offices in 98 countries. TBWA\Istanbul creates ideas for its brands that will not only win awards but also transform their businesses. Thus, TBWA\Istanbul is one of the most creative and most successful agencies in Turkey. TBWA\Istanbul adopts the Disruption® philosophy in everything they do.

  • IDEMA carries our sustainable projects and establishes global partnerships to support socio-economic development in Turkey and worldwide. The main purpose of IDEMA, which was founded in 2011, is to contribute to the social, economic, environmental and cultural development. Thus, the company establishes collaborations with the UN, the World Bank, international investment organizations, national and international non-governmental organizations, domestic and foreign chambers of commerce and various public institutions, and puts efforts to build a fairer, equal and more inclusive world.

Advisory Board

The Scope of Activities of the Advisory Board

  • Develop and prioritize sub-project and action proposals to be developed and implemented by the platform.
  • Develop policy and action proposals for the solution of the efficiency issue of businesses.
  • Identify and develop joint synergy possibilities among public, private sector and non-governmental organizations to increase efficiency.
  • Bring efficiency-oriented sustainable and technological initiatives to the public agenda in the transformation of the Turkish economy.

Strategic And Technical Working Group

Spokesperson Group