Efficiency maps present the regional distribution of efficiency practices that businesses prioritize across Turkey. Clicking the following buttons to check the regional distribution of the related practice on the map.

  • Efficiency Measure
  • Waste Mitigation Measures
  • Material Saving Measures
  • Maintenance and Repair Measures
  • Efficiency Management Level of Businesses
  • Electricity Consumption Per Capita
  • GDP per Capita in 2021
  • Gross Value Added in 2021

The map above shows the GVA data in 2021 in TL with respect to provinces. (light color: GVA is low - dark color: GVA is high)

The chart below shows the GVA data in TL with respect to years for a period of 10 years.

Source: TurkStat GVA Data (Period between 2012&2021)